Metrology/Calibration Specialist (MCS) Diploma Program

For Whom Intended:  The (MCS) diploma program is for individuals who are involved in standards and calibration laboratories and for others who want a clear understanding of the special requirements that must be met by managers and other personnel in standards and calibration work. It is applicable to individuals from a wide range of industries such as Defense, Manufacturing, Utilities, Electronics, Automotive, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, Computers, Aerospace and Universities.

Participants are exposed to a broad overview of the Metrology discipline; statistical concepts that form the cornerstones of modern metrology and calibration; statistical management concepts such as Statistical Process Control (SPC) and the Measurement Assurance Process (MAP); the requirements imposed by ISO standard 17025 and its impact on all aspects of calibration laboratory management and the role of ISO 9000 quality programs.

Students will also learn about the staffing requirements of standards and calibration labs; applicable documentation requirements; laboratory facilities; equipment and calibration logistics; as well as reporting requirements, ESD control, equipment handing and safety considerations. It also cover the topics of measurement uncertainty; calibration laboratory operations; calibration of electrical instruments and applied measurements.

Required Courses

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Required for All Level II Diplomas

Revised 10/30/2019