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Program Description

TTi’s Specialist Diploma Program provides individuals already working in government or industry the opportunity to enhance their understanding of their everyday work by following a structured program over several years. TTi’s courses are developed and presented by qualified experienced engineers who continue to work professionally in their chosen engineering fields.

The successful completion of a TTi Specialist Diploma Program demonstrates that the individual has pursued a continuing educational program while obtaining experience and has kept up to date in the latest applicable technologies.

TTi’s Specialist Diploma Programs are offered to personnel actively involved in various aspects of engineering. They provide an opportunity to acquire specific application-oriented advanced education with particular emphasis on current technologies and methodologies. Completion of a TTi diploma program will add breadth and depth to the participant’s knowledge and skills and will assist them in preparing for increased responsibility in their careers. Some typical diploma awardees are profiled here.

The requirements for a TTi Level I Specialist Diploma consist of:

  • Practical Experience
  • Specific application-oriented continuing education courses
  • Thesis and in some cases an advanced Critique
  •    (see Thesis Preparation Guidelines for details)

Practical Experience
Each participant shall be actively involved in the selected engineering field and have “hands on” practical experience, a description of which shall be submitted to TTi. A minimum of 48 months related experience is required prior to award of the TTi Diploma.

Application-Oriented Continuing Education Courses
Each specialist program consists of seven required courses. During the period when the participant is obtaining the required practical experience in the “real world,” the participant also undertakes an educational program consisting of approximately 130-140 hours of on-line or classroom instruction. This training program has been designed so that the complete seven (7) courses comprise a balanced program covering the major areas of interest to the participant.

In most cases, this instructional phase is spread over three or more years. This is generally not the only education the participant obtains during this period. Many participants also pursue formal college or university degree programs, attend engineering society seminars or pursue other self improvement methods such as keeping current with the latest advances in the technology by reading technical society and trade publications, etc.

After successfully completing the basic Specialist Diploma requirements, the participant prepares a Thesis on a practical activity, directly related to the subject area studied and personally accomplished by the participant. This Thesis is submitted to TTi for review and evaluation. During the period leading up to the completion of the experience and training phases of the program, the participant will select the appropriate project and begin to keep relevant notes, results, photographs etc. as basic material for the Thesis. Please note that participants should not select for their Thesis either commercial or defense related activities which may be considered sensitive or secret.

The format of the Thesis is prescribed and includes:

  • Objective of Activity
  • Description of Activity
  • Date of Activity
  • Location
  • Equipment used
  • Standards, Specifications, Procedures
  • Results and Conclusions.

Individuals wishing to earn two or more specialist diplomas will be required to complete a separate thesis for each Diploma. Candidates for multiple Diplomas are urged to contact TTi to discuss course requirements.

(See Thesis Preparation Guidelines for more details.)

Level II
For individuals who want additional training, TTi has developed the Master Environmental Specialist Diploma program. This program prepares the participant for more senior and responsible technical positions.

The Master Environmental Specialist Critique should evaluate in some detail the procedures, requirements, results and conclusion of the previous work, based on additional knowledge and experience obtained by further study and participation in TTi’s Diploma program.

Individuals may apply for entrance to a diploma program at any time via a letter of application addressed to TTi. When all the requirements have been met, participants may apply to TTi for evaluation of their individual program and issuance of the Diploma.

TTi will review the applicant’s experience, course work and thesis prior to the award of the Diploma. TTi does not endorse the actual capabilities of any individual awarded a TTi Diploma. TTi certifies only that, to the best of its knowledge, the recipient has completed the desired conditions as specified in the program.

Participating in and successfully completing a TTi Diploma program indicates that the individual has been actively involved in a structured, continuing education program over an extended period of time. These programs are designed help individuals to maintain and improve their skills, to stay abreast of today's technology and to prepare for advancement in their careers.

Updated 06/06/2018