104 Electronics for Non-Electronic Engineers

For Whom Intended  This course is intended for individuals whose primary formal training is not in the field of electronic engineering. Electrical controls and electronics are incorporated in almost every technical activity, and all technical personnel have to deal, at least to some extent, with some aspects of electrical engineering. A basic understanding of electronics is essential to better perform their main function.

Electronics Objectives  To help participants to understand the concepts and terminology of electronics. It is not an in-depth electronics course but rather a course aimed at individuals who require an intensive review of basic principals, without the assumption of any prior knowledge of the topic. The course is fast-paced and as non-mathematical as possible.

Brief Course Description  The course covers basic concepts of electrical theory, starting with the simple DC circuit and Ohm's Law. It describes basic components encountered in electrical circuits, such as resistors, capacitors, inductors etc. The course discusses transient RC RL circuit analysis and delves into ESD and lab safety. Then reactance and impedance in AC circuits are discussed, along with series and parallel resonance.

The course covers basic theory and types of transformers, before covering instrumentation errors. Instruments including ohmmeters, voltmeters and oscilloscopes are discussed before covering electrical power circuits.

Moving from electricity to basic electronics, the course covers theory of solid state electronics including semiconductor physics, diodes, transistors, FETs, thyristors and photoelectric devices. The course presents rectifiers and filters, before an in-depth look at amplifier theory, applications and types, including oscillators and tuned, differential and operational amplifiers. An appendix provides material for further study in related mathematics, including vectors, phasors, RMS and scientific and engineering notation.

Diploma Programs  This course is required for TTi’s Dynamic Test Specialist (DTS)Instrumentation Test Specialist (ITS) or Metrology/Calibration Specialist (MSC) diploma programs. It may be used as an optional course for any other TTi Specialist Diploma Program.

Related Courses  TTi course 103, Introduction the Electronic Theory, is good for newcomers to electricity and electronics. A longer version of Course 104-3, Course 104/105 includes material from Course 105, Understanding Digital Electronics, which covers digital electronics in greater depth. Either Course 104-3, Course 104/105 or Course 105 may be presented on-site, at your facility. Course 104-3 is also available as an OnDemand Complete Internet course.

TEXT Each student will receive 180 days access to the on-line electronic course workbook. Renewals and printed textbooks are available for an additional fee.

Course Hours, Certificate and CEUs  Class hours/days for on-site courses can vary from 14-35 hours over 2-5 days as requested by our clients. Upon successful course completion, each participant receives a certificate of completion and one

OnDemand Internet course 104-3 features eleven hours of video as well as more in-depth reading material.  All chapters of course 104-3 are also available as OnDemand Internet Short Topics. See the course outline below for details.  

Course Outline

Chapter 0 - Introduction

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  • Review of a typical electronic circuit
  • Schematic Diagram of a Radio Receiver
  • Electronic Symbols and Abbreviations
  • Path of Signals through Circuit
  • Block Diagram

Chapter 1 - Brief Review of Basic Mathematics

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  • Definitions
  • Factors
  • Products
  • Exponents
  • Roots
  • Decibels
  • Logarithmic vs. Linear scaling

Chapter 2 - Electrical Fundamentals Review

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  • Electrostatic Field and Potentials
  • Charge
  • Conductors, Insulators
  • Current, Voltage
  • Ohm’s Law
  • EMF
  • Resistors
  • Network Theorems
  • Alternating Current
  • Non-Sinusoidal Waveforms
  • Square Waves
  • Harmonics
  • Analog vs. Digital Waveforms
  • Examples

Chapter 3 - Capacitors and Inductors

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  • Capacitance
  • Capacitors in DC Circuits
  • Capacitors in Parallel
  • Capacitors in Series
  • Typical Inductors
  • Inductance
  • The Right-Hand Rule
  • Inductance Examples
  • Mutual Inductance
  • Inductors in Series
  • Inductors in Parallel

Chapter 4 - Transient RC and RL Circuits

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  • RC Time Constant

  • RL Time Constant

Chapter 5 - Electrostatic Discharge

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  • Static Generation

  • Capacitive Charge

  • Charge Storage
  • Human Body Model

  • Discharge into an Ideal Ground

  • Effects of ESD

  • Common Myths about ESD

  • ESD Prevention

    • Don’t Float Metal Parts

    • Protecting the Circuit or System from Static Discharge

    • Guard Ring

Chapter 6 - Workshop/Laboratory Safety Practice

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  • Laboratory Practice—Safety

  • Safety Rules

  • Types of Grounds

  • Grounds—Three Wire Outlet

  • Example of Incorrect Grounding Technique 

Chapter 7 - Reactance and Impedance in AC Circuits

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  • Reactance (X)
  • Impedance (Z)
  • Frequency and Phase
  • Phasors—Rectangular Coordinates
  • Phasors
  • Phase and Complex Numbers
  • Polar Coordinates
  • Capacitive Reactance (XC)
  • Inductive Reactance (XL )
  • Impedance Triangle
  • Impedances of a Reactive AC Circuit 
  • Inductive Reactance in an AC Circuit
  • Capacitive Reactance in an AC Circuit
  • Reactance in Series R-L AC Circuits
  • Reactance in Series R-C AC Circuits
  • Impedance in Series R-L-C AC Circuits
  • Impedances Connected in Series
  • Impedances Connected in Parallel
  • Parallel R-L-C  in AC Circuits

Chapter 8 - Series and Parallel Resonance

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  • Series Resonance
  • Resonant Frequency
  • Q of a Series Circuit
  • Bandwidth of Series R-L-C Circuit
    • Example
  • Parallel Resonance
  • Filters
    • Band Pass Filter
    • Band Stop Filter

Chapter 9 - Transformers

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  • A Typical Transformer
  • How Transformers are Constructed
    • Transformer Laminations
  • Transformer Equivalent Circuit
  • Transformer Turns Ratio
  • Ideal Transformer Calculations

  • Power Relationships, Efficiency
  • Impedance Matching
  • Loosely coupled, Single Tuned and Double Tuned Transformers

Chapter 10 - Instrumentation Errors

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  • Precision and Accuracy
  • Errors in Measurements
    • Human Errors
    • System Errors
    • Equipment Errors
    • Environment Errors
    • Random Errors
  • Loading Errors
    • Input Impedance and Loading
    • Input and Output Impedance
    • Equivalent Resistance
    • Output Resistance
    • Percentage Error due to Loading
    • Power Transfer and Impedance Matching
  • How to Use Meters
  • Meter Errors

Chapter 11 - Analog and Digital Meters and Oscilloscopes

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  • Measurement of Resistance
    • Ohmmeters
    • Using the Ohmmeter
  • Digital Electronic Meters
  • Analog Oscilloscopes
    • Analog Oscilloscope Display Screen
    • Analog Display Subsystem
    • Vertical Deflection Subsystem
    • Analog Oscilloscope Controls
    • Scope—Probe Assembly
  • Making Measurements with the Oscilloscope
    • Analog Voltage Measurements
    • Analog Time and Frequency
    • Analog Phase Measurements
    • Pulse Measurements
  • Oscilloscope Errors
  • Digital Oscilloscope
  • Function Generators
    • Testing with a Function Generator

Chapter 12 - Electrical Power Circuits

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  • Alternating Current (AC)
  • Phase in AC Circuits
  • Single-Phase Electric Power
  • Electric Motors
  • Three-Phase Circuits
    • Delta (D) 3-Phase Power Systems
    • Wye (Y) 3-Phase Power Systems
    • Ground and Neutral Conductors
    • Three-Phase Electrical Power Transmission
  • Transmission and Distribution System
    • Voltage Transformations
  • Color Coding of Voltage Circuits

Chapter 13 - Semiconductor Physics

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  • Doped Semiconductors

  • N-type and P-type Doping
  • Diffusion
  • Current Flow

Chapter 14 - Diodes

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  • Alloy Junction Diode
  • Planar Technology (Diffusing)
  • P-N Junction Behavior
  • Junction Barrier
  • Biasing
  • Diode types
    • Rectifier
    • Signal
    • Zener
  • Simple Voltage Regulator Circuit
  • Tunnel diodes

Chapter 15 - Transistors and Biasing

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  • Bipolar Junction Transistor
  • Operation of an NPN Transistor
  • How Transistors Amplify
  • Amplifier Gain
  • Common Emitter, Base, Collector Circuits
  • Amplifier Fundamentals and Considerations

  • Feedback

    • Negative Feedback

Chapter 16 - Field Effect Transistors (FETs)

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  • JFET
  • Channel Depletion
  • N-channel Enhancement and Depletion
  • Transfer Characteristics
  • Power FETs
  • Gallium Arsenide (GsAs) FETs
  • FET Audio Amplifier

Chapter 17 - Thyristors

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  • Operation of SCR
  • I-V Characteristics of a Typical SCR
  • SCR Parameters
  • Dimmers

Chapter 18 - Photo-Electric Devices

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  • Photo-voltaic Cells/Solar Cells
  • Photo Conductive Diodes
  • Photo-transistors
  • PIN Diodes
  • High Gain Light Detector
  • Light-activated SCRs— LASCR
  • Light-Emitting Diodes (LED)
  • Visible Spectrum and Adjacent Wavelengths

Chapter 19 - Rectifiers and Filters

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  • Power Supply with a Regulator
  • Half and Full Wave Rectifiers
  • Bridge Rectifier
  • Filters
  • Capacitive Load
  • Power Supply Loading
  • RC Filter
  • Filter Choke

Chapter 20 - Introduction to Amplifiers

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  • Radio Frequency (RF) Amplifiers
  • Quality of Amplifier:
    • Gain and Output Range
    • Bandwidth (BW)
    • Efficiency
    • Efficiency by Class
    • Noise
  • Basic Power Amplifier
  • Tuned Amplifiers
  • Differential Amplifiers
  • Operational Amplifiers (Op-amp)
  • Preamplifiers
  • Musical Instrument Amplifiers

Chapter 21 - Amplifier Fundamentals

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  • How Transistors Amplify
  • Transistor voltage, Power Gain and Operating Point
  • Base Bias Adjustment
  • Operating Point Stabilization
  • Bypass Capacitor
  • Signal Clipping
  • Classes
  • Coupling Methods
  • Resistive-Capacitance (RC) Coupling
  • Direct Coupling
  • Frequency Response
  • Distortion
  • Slewing Rate

Chapter 22 - Tuned Amplifiers

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  • Tuned Intermediate-Frequency (IF) Amplifiers
  • AM and FM IF Bandwidths
  • IF Amplifier Stage
  • Detector and AGC Circuit
  • RF Amplifiers
  • Sensitivity

Chapter 23 - Oscillators

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  • Kinds of Oscillators
  • Configurations
  • Transistor Hartley, Colpitts or Clapp Oscillator
  • Crystal Oscillator
    • Colpitts Crystal Oscillator
  • RC Oscillators

Chapter 24 - Differential Amplifiers

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  • Response to One Signal Input
  • Response to Two Differential Inputs
  • Response to Two Identical Inputs
  • Common Mode Rejection

Chapter 25 - Operational Amplifiers

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  • Typical Op Amp Characteristics
  • Mini-DIP Integrated Circuit
  • Rules for External Feedback Op Amps
  • Basic Op Amp Circuits
    • Inverting Amplifier
    • Noninverting Amplifier
    • Follower
  • Basic Cautions
  • Op Amp Applications

Appendix A - Glossary of Terms

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Appendix C-1 - Review of Basic Mathematics

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Appendix C-2 - Electrical Fundamentals: Background and Examples

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Appendix C-4 - Transient RC and RL Circuits: Examples

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Appendix C-7 - Reactance and Impedance in AC Circuits: Examples

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Summary, Discussion

Final Review

Award of Certificates for Successful Completion

Click for a printable course outline (pdf).

Revised 6/21/2018