TTi Instructors

a partial list

TTi actively recruits qualified engineers with extensive “hands-on” work experience to develop and present our specialized engineering short courses. Our instructors are also chosen for their skill in communicating with students and for their ability to initiate and encourage classroom interactive discussions. Our instructors do not lecture, they teach, and they are available to assist with individual student problems after class during the course presentation period. TTi students are welcome to contact their instructors after the course; they have access to TTi instructors as an additional reference resource for advice or clarification on related topics. (In the case of particularly involved questions or problems, all TTi instructors are available as consultants for a daily or hourly fee.)

TTi instructors continue to be active in their field of expertise: they work as independent consultants or as staff members of various organizations involved in environmental engineering. They teach short courses on behalf of TTi on an “as required” basis, a number of times a year.

The following are links to a detailed biography for each individual, listing specific experience and publications etc.

Teach for TTi