Analysis of Transient Tests (197)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 7 - Analysis of Transient Tests (Digital Signal Processing and Data Analysis)

  • Definition of "Transient"
  • Transient Test Types
  • Transient Tests—Analysis Options
  • Shock Response Spectra
    • SRS Mechanical Analog
    • SRS Calculation: Spectral Domain
      • The “Smallwood” Algorithm
    • Detection of Acceleration-Offset Errors
    • The “Velocity Criterion” for Data Acceptability
    • Offset Handling in SRS Analysis
    • AC-Coupling Process/Effect
    • Data “Correction” by High-Pass Filtering
    • SRS Analysis Procedure
      • Example
    • Recommended Practices
    • Damage Potential
    • Different Methods of Bandwidth Control
    • Peak-Detection

Video Outline

Analysis of “Transient” Tests