Accelerated Testing (117)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 12 - Accelerated Testing (Fundamentals of Vibration for Design Applications)

  • Accelerated Tests Are Nothing New
  • Step Stress Tests
  • HALT: Highly Accelerated Life Test
  • HASS / ESS
  • Monitored Ambient Random Vibration Profile
  • Margins
  • Reducing Test Time
  • Assumptions: The Horsepower Behind Accelerated Testing
  • What Does an Accelerated Test Accelerate?
  • Can Accelerated Testing Do What is Expected?
  • Which Environmental Forcing Functions Are Best?
  • What Does Vibration Testing Do?
  • Hidden Vibration Test Assumptions
  • Linear vs. Nonlinear Product Response
  • What to Expect From an Accelerated Test Prediction
  • Coffin-Manson Inverse Power Law
    • Coffin-Manson Model Cautions
  • Critical Aspects of Accelerated Test Models
  • The Basic Principles of Test Time Compression
  • Unrealistic Failure Modes and Mechanisms
  • Synergistic Failure Exaggeration
  • Number of Service Use Cycles and Test Cycles
  • How to Avoid Accelerated Testing Traps and Pitfalls

Video Outline

Accelerated Testing (ver. 116-117)