The Shock Response Spectrum (142-4)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 12 - The Shock Response Spectrum (Mechanical Shock and Modal Test Techniques)

  • Shock Response Spectrum (SRS)
  • SRS Mechanical Analog
  • Accepted Definition of SRS
  • Terms used in SRS Analysis
  • Developing SRS
  • SRS Maximax Values
  • Maximum Response Spectra for Various Shock Pulse Shapes
  • Some Properties of the SRS
  • Velocity Sensitive Region of SRS
  • Damping and SRS
    • SRS—Damped Spectra
  • Maximum Response Spectra for Linear SDoF System
  • Designing with SRS
  • Absolute and Relative Deflection SRS
  • The Use of the SRS in Shock Testing
    • Required Spectrum and Allowable Tolerances
    • Shock Specifications
  • Shock Spectrum Analyzers
  • Measuring and Analyzing Mechanical Shock
  • Subroutine for the Calculation of the SRS

Video Outline

The Shock Response Spectrum (part 1 of 2)

The Shock Response Spectrum (part 2 of 2)